Friday, March 1, 2013

Point Reyes

Over Presidents' Day weekend, we took a day trip to Point Reyes.  We didn't have firm plans for the day, but we planned to wander around some of the small towns on the way up the coast before lunch and then hike.

It took about an hour to drive the scenic route up the coast, past Stinson Beach...

...around the Bolinas lagoon.

Seals on the marshy part in the lagoon
We parked to explore the little town of Bolinas, which has a main street with about 8 stores on it (population 1600).  Will started talking about moving there, so I got us back in the car.

Talk about getting stuck at home...
A tree full of blue herons
Cement blocks covered in anemones.  They were squirting water.

Seagull found a crab lunch
From Bolinas, we drove north through Olema to Point Reyes Station, where we knew Cowgirl Creamery had its headquarters.  Cowgirl Creamery is one of our favorite cheese makers at the Farmer's Market, and we have also enjoyed their sandwiches and food in the Ferry Building.

We shared a few sandwiches on the picnic benches outside the Creamery (unfortunately cheese-making was finished for the day).
Fueled up, we headed towards the trail head in Point Reyes.

Will researched several good hiking routes on the map, and we chose a 9.4-mile route that began in the forest and circled down to the ocean.  

The temperature was awesome.  It wasn't the most clear day we've seen, but it was sunny and pleasant.

Right before the trail hits the ocean, there is a campsite and a tree swing.  We took advantage.  I forgot how fun a tree swing is!

The map calls this "Sculptured Beach"
The Coast Trail follows the beach for about a mile before cutting inland at Limantour Beach and leading back uphill towards the trailhead.  The distance seemed just right, and we had worked up an appetite again.

We had tossed around the idea of checking out Drake's Bay Oyster company, since they will be closing this Spring, or the well-known Hog Island Oysters.  But the length of the drive to Marshall from the trailhead in Point Reyes would have put us there just ten minutes before closing.

Instead, yelp led us to Saltwater in Inverness for oysters and beer, and to warm up.

It turned out to be the perfect stop.  We have a knack for good seafood and IPAs after Bay Area hikes.

Fun day in Point Reyes!


  1. Wow! That looks like the best adventure yet! I'd like to sign up for the next tour, please.

  2. I'm in. More great photos, Sarah!


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