Friday, April 19, 2013

Capitola: Eat, Drink, Repeat

Without many waves, we occupied ourselves with eating and roller coasters last weekend.

The weekend was pretty full of great food.

Saturday morning started off with a new recipe:
Dutch Baby, recipe from America's Test Kitchen

We hit the road.  A couple hours later I saw this huge cloud of smoke and shrieked at Will to roll down his window to catch the cloud of hickory and barbecue smells.  He seemed as excited as I was, so we made a U-turn and ordered ribs and tri-tip at Cole's BBQ.  Carolina memories.

That evening, we were anxious to check out Discretion Brewing, a month-old brewery in Capitola (walking distance from our hotel...I'm smart like that.)

The brewers pair their six beers with various beer-inflused, tapas-style plates created by the farm-to-table cafe next-door.  We started at the bar and moved to a table near the patio as the evening went on, and we had a really enjoyable and relaxing night.  Our favorites were Uncle Dave's Rye IPA, On the Porch Pale, and the Shimmer Pils.  Such great beers, and an impressive experience for a one-month-old restaurant.

We wrapped up the night with stops at El Toro Bravo and Paradise Grille and Bar.  We were too late to test out Capitola's ice cream parlor before they closed, which disappointed us greatly.

Sunday morning after a run near the ocean, we ended up at Gayle's Bakery for brunch.  Gayle's is an old family favorite--they even baked our wedding cake--so it was a fun return that morning for coffee, hot chocolate, and lots of Gayle's treats.  FYI: don't tell Will that 10am is too early to eat blackberry pie!


Next up: we hit the Beach Boardwalk!


  1. Y'all packed a lot of good stuff into a short couple of days. Who needs waves?


  2. What a delicious weekend! Gorgeous wedding cake, by the way. I always check out the wedding cakes in the cooler when I go to Gayles to see what beautiful creations they have made.

  3. Yum! We are going to go to Gayle's on Sunday, after the race :) I always get some cake, and eat it, in your honor. might go with key-lime pie this time.

  4. Beers, BBQ, and pie for breakfast - what else could I ask for? :)


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