Monday, April 8, 2013


That was an awesome weekend...

Saturday morning we intended to go bodysurfing, but the conditions once we arrived at Ocean Beach weren't as ideal as the predictions we wondered around Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park and returned home to make homemade pasta.


I had my 10k race Sunday morning.  The temperature was perfectly crisp, with the sun peeking out from behind the clouds.  I beat my goal time by over a minute, so (after making it through those first few minutes spent doubled-over at the finish-line,) I was a very happy camper.  It didn't hurt that W thought to bring me the proven best post-recovery drink for after the race (actually 2 of 'em).

In fact, I spent the entire rest of the day "recovering."  Hot chocolate and a donut at Java Beach Cafe definitely aided recovery.  So did a latte from Trouble Coffee.  Then brunch at Outerlands.

"Eggs in Jail"

A pedicure late in the day certainly contributed to recovery--the mini calf-massage was amazing.

There was lots of relaxing, guitar-playing, and some of our current favorite, Drake's 1500, in the mix.
We cooked our traditional Sunday family dinner, where chef + sous chef teamed up in the kitchen for a sausage and veggie lasagna.

It was a memorable weekend--one that is going to power me through the work-week, I can tell!

Happy Monday!


  1. Can't imagine a better weekend! Amazing list of faves all in one short weekend. Congrats on your race, you speedster.

  2. Another terrific weekend in that great City of yours, S and W. And thanks for the tip about the Drake's 1500; we agree that's a good addition to the beer menu.


  3. Not only did you hit some of my very favorite SF spots, you did so after rocking your 10K and just casually making homemade pasta! :) Hope you get another good one in this weekend!!

  4. Need more weekends like this!

  5. Wow, Sarah! Great run, great food and treats all packed into two days!


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