Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Virtual Dinner Party

I'm a little behind in the documentation of my virtual dinner parties.  It's aways more fun to host than to post about them...

A month ago we had a Chicago - San Francisco dinner party over facetime, complete with a custom cocktail and a satisfying dinner that happened to be on the lighter side.

This cool and fresh-looking drink below is a cucumber-rosemary gin and tonic!  

Our co-host walked us through the muddling of the cucumber and rosemary in a squeeze of lime, we shook that with the gin and built the rest of the G&T on top.  I prefer cocktails on the less-sweet side, and this delivered.  A perfectly fresh take on an old favorite.

While the G&T was coming together, we were prepping the veggies and dressing for Tuscan Bread Salad.  This recipe popped up on my radar a month or so ago, and ever since making it together at this dinner party, it has found its way into our regular rotation.  We even served it alongside Easter dinner last weekend!

This salad is a standout.  The roasted bread drizzled with olive oil and cut into croutons, the salty olives, and creamy goat cheese (which we used in place of mozzarella) added a unique flavor to an otherwise standard salad base.  The homemade dressing called for basil and thyme from my herb garden and a shallot, that ingredient that always brings such great flavor to savory dishes.  We made a double-batch of the salad dressing, storing the remainder in a jar in the fridge, and we used the dressing on salad greens the rest of the week!

Click here for the full recipe.

This was a great one.
Cheers to more VDPs!


  1. Cheers to the ongoing VDPs!! That was a great one. So glad you introed that salad to our family! VDP makes me feel less far away from the CA clan :)

  2. Now that Kat is back to California, do I get to take over midwest VDPs?

    1. Yes!!! Let's get one on the calendar!


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