Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updates and Happy Halloween

First thing first, it has been heartbreaking to view pictures of and think about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused earlier this week.  Will, Vron, and my cousin all inadvertently choose this lovely weekend to visit NYC and have witnessed the chaos first-hand.  I've been worried about them, but they have all confirmed they're safe.  Now I hope transportation is restored soon to get them back home.  I've been thinking about all the people in the hurricane's path, especially those who have lost their homes or whose homes or businesses sustained major damage.  

On a less disastrous note, San Francisco is the place to be since the Giants swept the Tigers to win the World Series on Sunday night.  I was listening to the game on the radio while driving back home to the city.  Right as I came over the hill and could see the city skyline, Romo struck out the final Tigers batter, signaling the Giants' win.  Even though it was an away game, the {foggy} city sky filled with fireworks!  By the time I arrived to my neighborhood, people were flooding into the streets--hooting, hollering, honking.  There's a victory parade in the city today, which I imagine will be quite a fun event.

And finally, Happy Halloween!

The houses in the nearby San Francisco neighborhoods are totally decked out again this year for Halloween.  Here are a few of my favorite decorated houses.

This is the door to one of the suites in my office building...

I like this 3-in-one holiday season decoration setup.  For Halloween: cobwebs, corn stalks, and lights.  For Thanksgiving: remove the cobwebs = corn stalks and lights.  For Christmas: the shriveled corn stalks now just look like Charlie Brown Christmas trees with lights.  Win!

As you likely already saw, the Greyhound dressed up for Halloween, as well.

Revisit last year's post to see more Halloween decorations!


  1. I love the creepy flowing ghosts hanging by the pillars! It surprises me a bit that such a fancy house would adopt the spooky haunted house look. They look so impressive as a whole host of them and so high up.

  2. You could lead a San Fancisco Halloween Tour! Sign me up.
    We have equally impressive cobwebs at our house year- round, however :)


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