Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bay to Breakers 2012

As I mentioned, last weekend was our first time experiencing Bay to Breakers.
It was definitely an event that lived up to the hype--I have never seen so many people on one street before, wearing the most ridiculous things, no less.  

It was a gold mine for people-watching, which is quickly becoming my favorite local sport.  It makes me appreciate this city.

We started off the morning in a park near our house.  The sun was warm and made everything so pleasant.  After meeting all of Juanita's friends and creating plenty of early morning raucous, we walked towards Golden Gate park, where the race crosses through the city.  

Even the enforcement let loose a bit!

I'll note here that Bay to Breakers is a 7.46mi running race.  The winners finish in something completely ridiculous, like 34 minutes (remember, SF is hilly!).  But the real event is the hundreds of thousands of people who dress up in elaborate and creative costumes (or none at all), and walk along the course. 

Guy from The Hangover

The funniest part of the day was probably one of the friends we walked with.  Have you heard of Sexy Sax Man?  He is a Youtube phenomenon and internet meme: 

Sexy Sax Man

He was a total hit at Bay to Breakers.  Random strangers pointed, smiled, and approached him all day asking him if he could play "that one song."  And play it, he did.  It got worse as the day went on (exhaustion or alcohol or both?)  By the end of the night, the song was running through my head as I fell asleep.  That's not a good thing.

But it was very humorous.

Hope that song doesn't get stuck in your head now.  If it does, blame him, not me!

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  1. Those are some awesome costumes! And even bigger, crazier crowds than I "remembered" (you see what I did there, with the quotes). Glad you enjoyed your first annual B2B!


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