Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dream Home Challenge

My friend Meredith and I used to enjoy talking "house" together.  We had fun admiring the designer features on House of Turquoise and A Life's Design, among others.  Our hobby was spurred on even more with a Home Roam--a tour of some of Chapel Hill's fancy homes, which was a fundraiser event for her Junior League group.  Before we had heard of Pinterest, we collected pictures of creative and tranquil rooms and spaces and saved them in gmail drafts.  I enjoyed watching HGTV to see how decorators designed home renovations.
When Pinterest came along, it became even easier to tag or pin inspiration we saw online for beautiful kitchens, bedrooms, and backyards.

But then I sold my house and moved across the country...

Well, she has had enough of us dropping the ball, and she challenged me to a Dream Home Challenge, whereby we must finally present our collection of favorite aspects of a home: traditional, Victorian, Modern, Craftsman, bold, calm, eclectic?  We are creating our own Dream House.

My First Dream House: My grandpa made this for me when I was a little girl.  I spent HOURS decorating.

Stay tuned for some awesome inspiration later this week.  We'll coordinate our posts in the coming weeks to feature particular rooms.

Be sure to check out Meredith's dream house here over the next month as well!

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  1. Um that dollhouse is AMAZING!!!! You already had such great taste. Mine growing up was literally only pink and purple (paint/carpet/exterior/everything).


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