Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Veggie Load

In the next month, we are traveling every weekend, hitting all corners of the country.  I am excited for every single weekend event (!), but it does take a bit of extra planning to recover from the long flights and get myself back on track for the work week.  
Tonight I made Veggie Enchiladas and packed them with 10 different veggies.  We ate some for dinner, and I am throwing the rest in the freezer for a quick and healthy meal after weekend travel that can defrost and bake while I unpack.

I spent just over 10 minutes cleaning and dicing the veggies, and I threw the diced sweet potato in the oven to soften while I sautéed the rest.

The filling:
Sweet Potato

Cilantro-Lime Crema
(plain greek yogurt, frozen cilantro cube, lime juice, salt)

I put the crema in the enchiladas and also saved some to dollop on top.
And I covered the whole thing with a bottle of red enchilada sauce from Trader Joe's and some cheese.
In the oven....
...out of the oven:

Loaded with veggies:

Have pre-made dinner; will travel!

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