Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dream Home Challenge: Bedrooms

If you've been following along with Meredith and me as we build our virtual dream homes, you'll know we covered architectural style last week.  Well today we are back to step inside our castles dream homes and tour the bedrooms.

Urban Grace
One thing I noticed while working on the Dream Home Challenge is that I am drawn to light and white rooms, like the one above.  If I put together all the inspiration pictures, there is very little color.  Aside from the fact that such a "style" is really boring, who wants to do upkeep on a white house?  So I will try my best to break out of my comfort zone with brighter palate.

But see what I mean?
via House of Turquoise
How could I say no to a deck that overlooks the ocean?  And the beams and paneling go with my shingle cottage architectural style.

But maybe I can bring in some color.
Urban Grace
After looking at a number of different bedrooms, I decided on the following decor decisions for the master bedroom:
-No TV
-No more than 2 miscellaneous loungers/chairs/benches that will only collect clothes and junk
-High ceilings
-Well lit/lots of windows
-Interesting light fixture
-Soft on the feet (carpet or a rug)
-A gas fireplace would be nice, though I doubt I'd use it very often.

Elle Decor
This room above seems to fit the bill: I like the soft wall color, the high ceiling with beams, the interesting lights, the fireplace, and it's not too overly-feminine, but the fresh flowers are nice....this one might be the winner.  
But in my house, I'd replace the red and brown bedding with blues and greens.

Now for a few guest bedrooms to house each of you when you come visit me (I'll take input on your favorite if you promise to come stay!)


Can I throw in Eva Longoria's closet?  I don't have nearly enough clothes to fill something this large, but she would obviously tell me I could borrow anything of hers I wanted....
Such a good friend.
Eva Longoria's closet
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  1. I love it! I am glad we are keeping our rooms a surprise from each other. It is funny how similar our tastes our. Can't wait to see your living rooms next week!


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