Friday, May 25, 2012

Dream Home Challenge: Kitchen

Today the Dream House Challenge moves into my favorite room of the house: the kitchen.   The kitchen is one of the best rooms to be in: I love the relaxing activity of cooking, and I love being creative and experimenting with recipes.

As usual, I am most drawn towards white with pops of color--either in the floors, counter-tops, backsplash, or accessories.  White in the kitchen just feels clean.

I'd love a big island with plenty of counter space, and a surface that you can place hot items right on top without having to use a trivet.  And a counter I could roll out pie or cookie dough, without crumbs getting into creases.
An eat-in kitchen table fits the style of our family, and I would love a comfortable spot where we'd linger even after meals were over.
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As long as we're dreaming, I'd love two ovens and lots and lots of burners. 
I love the nook this range fits into, and I especially like the shelves for commonly used cooking ingredients.

The lighting in this kitchen is gorgeous and makes it seem like the kitchen is sparkling.  It has a range nook, too:

My dream kitchen would have tall ceilings with pretty task lighting:
(The tall ceilings might help with a certain fire alarm problem my family has been known to experience)
Here, I love all the big storage drawers, interesting lights, and unique backsplash:
It even has a second sink in the corner for a drink alcove.  An even larger bar area would be ideal.
I love the cozy feel of barstools so guests can sit and chat.  The few glass-front cabinets do a nice job of breaking up the solid wood and adding interest.
The last thing I'd love in my kitchen is a set of speakers so I could listen to music; that makes for a really relaxing cooking experience. 
This would be the first room I'd love to work on if we were buying our dream house.

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