Monday, May 7, 2012

Virtual Dinner Party 4

Recently I co-hosted another Virtual Dinner Party.  This time my guest co-host was Meredith.
She picked a really tasty multi-course meal, and I followed as best I could.
White Wine Spritzer

First up, though, was a cocktail!  We each chose a fun drink to create--a white wine spritzer for her and a grapefruit margarita spritzer for me.

For the menu, Meredith chose Lemon Chicken, Spinach Goat Cheese Pasta, and Strawberry Field Greens Salad with Poppy Seed Vinaigrette.
I followed along as best I could, loosely following this recipe for lemon chicken served over spinach, with pesto tortellini and grape tomatoes.

A lot more chatting than cooking occurred at the beginning of our dinner party, but considering she was 3 hours ahead of me, we soon transitioned to wielding knives and skillets.
Grapefruit Margarita Spritzer
Our video-chat
Meredith's plate came out beautifully, and I sort of wished I were there eating her thoughtfully-prepared dinner instead of mine!
This is what you get when you make all three dishes!
My dishes came out three hours earlier relative to the evening, but they weren't quite as fancy.
This is only one of the pre-selected courses, but at least I had some sunlight left.  Poor M ate about 10pm...
Our dinner party was a hit, even if technology wasn't 100% on our side for the entire evening.
It was a fun way, nevertheless, to keep up our tradition of cooking together.
Check out her recipes here.

Happy Monday!

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